Utilize your Bitcoin or Counterparty-enabled wallet to enable seamless, secure, and cross-service authentication.

Seamless Integration

Attention to detail can be encountered in every corner. We make it easy for service providers to implement our services either natively or through several polished solutions such as Authparty Connect.

Secure Authentication

The latest in encyption technology coupled with the decentralized nature of the block-chain provides immense account security. We operate on the notion that security should equal anonymity.

Cross-service Passport

Tired of entrusting our digital indentites to corporations with lack-luster protocols? With Authparty you are in complete control. We ensure that you always remain in control of your identity

Our Products

Authparty creates and provides open, secure, next-generation authentication services to the world.


Open-source, decentralized, and secure authentication system for the modern world.


Open-source libraries for easily integrating Authparty solutions into your own services.

What we do

Authparty utilizes the power of the block-chain, the open-source community, and provides a great user experice enabling the next generation of authentication services.

Open Source

We believe in the power of open-source in combating the security concerns of the modern world.

Strong Security

Utilizing client-side encryption, you can rest assured that your public and private keys remain unscathed.

User Controlled

You alone control your online identity. Allow and revoke accesses without worrying about data retention.

Ease of Use

Designed from the ground up with end-users of all capabilities in mind. Rest asssured that Authparty just works.

Powered by Block-chain

Let your wallet become your identity. Optionally with Counterparty, create a unique identity token.

Community Matters

We will build relationships, strengthen security, ease adoption, and power the next-gen of authentication services.

Get involved

Authparty and the Authparty Foundation invite the world to help us forge the next generation of authentication services. If you are a developer, thinker, writer, or a business owner and want to contribute please get in touch. It will take a community effort to realize success.

Our Partners